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How to Create that Perfect Resume

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Hubbard Room

Tracy Nixon-Moore  

Please join Tracy Nixon-Moore for a resume writing workshop. The session will provide a process for creating, updating or enhancing your resume. Participants will learn tips and techniques to create or transform a resume that best represents the value they bring to the workplace. 

Tracy Nixon-Moore is Russell Library’s resident resume professional and experienced Talent Management and Leadership Development Professional. She also holds one on one in depth resume critique sessions at the library. Preregistration required for a free appointment. Contact the Information Desk as noted below.

All programs recommend pre-registration. Sign up at the Information Desk or by calling 860-347-2520. If you need any special accommodations, contact the reference desk at 860-347-2520 in advance.

The Russell Library Career and Small Business Program is funded in part by a Middletown Community Development Block Grant, the family of Thomas J. Regan and The Friends of the Russell Library.

Highly Effective Job Search

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Hubbard Room

Orville Pierson         

Orville will discuss how job hunters can use a systematic, professional approach to job search. His method goes beyond the usual teaching of search-related skills (resume writing, using the Internet, interviewing and the like) to include defining a personal job market and measuring progress in job search. What he teaches is based on the results of formal research, informal surveys and the experience of hundreds of career coaches he has worked with – all on the topic of what works best in job hunting. You will learn how to:

  • Devote more of your time to the more effective activities that are more likely to produce interviews.
  • Plan and organize even the most difficult job search to get the best results.
  • Focus your job search by defining your optimal personal job market
  • Check to see if you are compatible with the organization’s culture before accepting a job
  • Measure your progress in search, even prior to interviews and offers
  • Use progress measurements to diagnose and solve common job search problems

Please call (860) 347-2520 for more information and to sign up!

How to Make an Effective Transition into Your New Job, and Maintain Your Success

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Hubbard Room
Jess Dods

Like any other major change in our lives, starting and thriving in a new job can be a challenge. New responsibilities, new colleagues and the "new kid on the block" feeling that can grab us are all things that we need to be aware of when we start a new job.

This workshop will help you to first of all know what you bring to this job. What are the areas of best fit? What are the areas that I need to pay special attention to? What strengths do I bring? Then we will talk about the culture in your new organization.

How do I find out how things really get done? How do I best present myself to my colleagues?
How do I set and achieve goals for myself? How can I be the solution to the problem my company hired me to be?

Come to this workshop prepared to listen and discuss. We want to hear about your experience!

About Jess Dods
Jess is a long-term Certified Career Transition Coach who has worked with hundreds of clients in many industries. Prior to starting his coaching practice in 2002, he worked for over 20 years in industry, including oil and gas and banking, in operations, consulting and senior management.

He brings his "on the ground" and "been there done that" perspective to help his clients succeed at their jobs.

He is a highly skilled workshop facilitator who encourages audience participation.

Please call (860) 347-2520 for more information and to sign up!

Ongoing Programs

Russell Library Job Group

Take the opportunity to network with other job seekers, as well as get the advice of expert professionals. Guest speakers will focus on the job market and provide industry information. The group meets 9:30-noon on Thursdays in The Hubbard Room. 

Practice Interviewing

Improve your interviewing skills and get the job you want. Bob Carlson will assist you by conducting and evaluating your face-to-face practice interview at Russell Library, 123 Broad Street, Middletown. Videotaping the session is optional and confidential. 45 minute sessions are available. Please call (860) 347-2520 for more information and to sign up.

Job Coaching Appointments

James Kubat , Associate Director of the Wesleyan Career Center, will offer individual career coaching sessions.  All appointments are confidential and can be arranged in person at the Information Desk or by calling 860-347-2520.  Please bring a resume if you have one.  You will receive a reminder call a week in advance.  We ask that you confirm your appointment within 3 days of that call.  To cancel an appointment, please call the Information Desk at 860-347-2520 at least 48 hours ahead of time so that another job seeker may be served. 

Resume Review and Interview Coaching

Business professional Jeff Thierfeld offers in-depth resume review and interview coaching.  Sessions are held three Saturdays each month.  To sign up for a 1 hour appointment call 860-347-2520.  If you need to cancel, please allow 48 hours notice. We ask that you bring your resume (printed out or saved on a flash drive).

Practice Phone Interviews

This service is being offered by Russell Library, 123 Broad Street, Middletown. Phone interviews are a fundamental part of the job search process and need to be treated as seriously as the face-to-face interview. Improve your interviewing skills without leaving the comfort of your home. Bob Carlson will call you at your location and scheduled time. ½ hour sessions are available. Please call (860) 347-2520 for more information and to sign up.  

Much gratitude is due to our presenters, who contribute their valuable time and talents to Russell Library’s Career Program.

We also owe many thanks to our sponsors, whose generous support makes it all possible:

  • Middletown Community Development Block Grant
  • People’s United Community Foundation
  • The Friends of the Russell Library

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