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How to Turn Your Dream of a Career in Healthcare into a Reality

TaMesha Greene
Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Reading Room 3

TaMesha Greene from the American Job Center in New Haven will be here to discuss the eligibility requirements for Career Training in Healthcare careers including:
- Certified Nursing Assistant
- Community Health Worker
- Phlebotomy Technician
- Pharmacy Technician
- Human Services Assistant
- Medical Coding and Billing
- Health Information Management
- Medical Office Assistant
- Emergency Medical Technician
- Patient Navigator
- Patient Care Technician

Adult, Registration is requested but not required (860) 347-2520.

Sponsored by The Russell Library Job and Career Group, The American Job Center, and the Family of Thomas J. Regan.

Rejection:  Friend or Foe? How to Survive and Learn From It

Jean Baur
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 6:00-8:00 pm
Hubbard Room
Jean Bauer

We all know that job search is filled with rejection. Sometimes it's the long silence that happens after you've answered an online posting, other times it's a polite "No" after you've been through a series of interviews. And in between, you've probably experienced other types of rejection: a good friend who won't return your email, a recruiter who called you but now won't return your calls, and so on. So what can you learn from it? It is ever helpful? In this interactive session, explore the ups and downs of rejection, strategies for managing it, and how to use it as a compass.

Jean Baur is a career coach, speaker and author who has been in front lines of rejection for much of her career. In addition to her personal experience, she learned about how to handle rejection from the thousands of clients she counseled in her role as a career coach. She guided them from the stinging rejection of being let go, through the unpredictable process of looking for a new job, and helped them expect it and learn from it. Jean is the author of two career books:  "Eliminated! Now What?" and "The Essential Job Interview Handbook." Her new book is about the volunteer work she does with her therapy dog, Bella:  "Joy Unleashed:  The Story of Bella, the Unlikely Therapy Dog." To learn more about Jean, please visit:

All programs recommend pre-registration. To Sign up or if you need any special accommodations contact the Information Desk at 860-347-2520.

The Russell Library Career and Small Business Program is funded by a Middletown Community Development Block Grant, Friends of the Russell Library and the family of Thomas J. Regan.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviewing Skills

Jeff Thierfeld
Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Hubbard Room

This workshop delivers the essential tools required to launch a successful job search.
We’ll discuss the key elements and components of the resume…including the development of the language required for a professional profile.  The profile is essential to showcase skills, talents and abilities.  The workshop will address both the profile content and composition for the target audience: Hiring Managers.     

Additionally, we’ll plan to discuss past accomplishments and achievements; academically and during their careers.  Using job description keywords, participants will learn how to use past successes to craft succinct statements that highlight their core competencies and triumphs!

We’ll also review appropriate phases for the education and experience elements.  Discussion topics will include other vital resume components: quantifiable results, academic highlights, community service and civic affiliations.           

During the workshop, an innovative cover letter format will be introduced; one that allows job seekers to easily match their qualifications and skills to the job requirements.  The cover letter is a critical accompaniment to the resume and offers the reader insight as to why the applicant is suited (and is the ideal candidate) for the job. 

Additionally, we’ll practice interview strategies that do not require any memorization. We’ll review typical interview questions and discuss how you will add value to the new organization.  You’ll learn to interject certain statements and ask specific questions back to the Hiring Manager. 

Networking experiences will be discussed, along with a path to discover how your acquaintances might become a new and valuable resource in your job search.  The workshop will conclude with a review of “Thank you” notes and follow-up communications. 

The results will allow participants to send a clear, concise and distinct message…that YOU are the ideal candidate to be selected for the new job!     

Adult, Registration is requested but not required. (860) 347-2520
Sponsored by The Russell Library Job and Career Group and the Family of Thomas J. Regan.

Highly Effective Job Search Networking: Finding the Approach That’s Most Comfortable For You

Orville Pierson
Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Hubbard Room

Russell Library, 123 Broad Street, Middletown.  Research on job hunting has repeatedly shown that networking is the single best way to find a job.  Unfortunately, networking is also the most misunderstood and abused part of job search.  All too often, networking is equated with aggressive sales tactics – or even dishonest communication.  This talk will help you cut through the myths and misunderstandings about networking.  You’ll see how millions of job hunters have successfully networked their way to great new jobs, and how you can too.  The talk is intended to help you find comfortable and effective ways to use networking in your job search.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use even a small network to reach dozens of insiders and decision makers.
  • Get the right message to the right people, even if you never met them before.
  • Speak effectively and comfortable to networking contacts.
  • Talk to decision makers before the job opening is announced.

You will be welcomed to ask questions during and after the talk. 

Adult, Registration is requested but not required. (860) 347-2520

Sponsored by The Russell Library Job and Career Group and the Family of Thomas J. Regan. 

Ongoing Programs

Russell Library Job Group

Take the opportunity to network with other job seekers, as well as get the advice of expert professionals. Guest speakers will focus on the job market and provide industry information. The group meets 10:00 am-12:30 pm on Thursdays in The Hubbard Room. 

Practice Interviewing

Improve your interviewing skills and get the job you want. Library staff member, Bob Carlson will assist you by conducting and evaluating your face-to-face practice interview at Russell Library, 123 Broad Street, Middletown. Videotaping the session is optional and confidential. One-hour sessions are available. Please call 860-347-2520 for more information and to sign up.

Job Coaching Appointments

James Kubat, Associate Director of the Wesleyan Career Center, will offer individual career coaching sessions.  All appointments are confidential and can be arranged in person at the Information Desk or by calling 860-347-2520.  Please bring a resume if you have one.  You will receive a reminder call in advance of your appointment. 

Resume Critique

Business professionals Tracy Nixon-Moore and Jeff Thierfeld offer in-depth resume critique. Sessions are generally held Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings each month.  To sign up for a one-hour appointment call 860-347-2520.  We ask that you bring your resume (printed out or saved on a flash drive).

Please note: For practice interview, job coaching and resume critique appointments: Participants are expected to arrive on time and prepared for their appointment. Tardy arrivals may result in loss of the appointment. Participants who are unable to keep their appointment must give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice or two full business days prior to the appointment. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows count against the participant’s annual allowance of four (4) appointments and may not be rescheduled until 3 months have passed from the appointment date.

LinkedIn Photo Shoot

Once every three months on Thursday morning, the Hubbard Room at the Russell Library is transformed into a professional photo studio. Bob Carlson and Jeff Grant, on staff at the library will photograph you at your best so you can post the shot to your LinkedIn account. It generally only takes a few minutes and your hi-res image will be emailed to you. No appointment is necessary as it is first come first served. An email is required.

Quarterly photo sessions are held throughout the year in March, June, September and December. See the Job and Career Newsletter or the Russell Library online calendar for the next scheduled photo shoot.

Much gratitude is due to our presenters, who contribute their valuable time and talents to Russell Library’s Career Program.

We also owe many thanks to our sponsors, whose generous support makes it all possible:

  • A Middletown Community Development Block Grant
  • The family of Thomas J. Regan
  • The Friends of the Russell Library

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