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The 2017 Middletown High School Mural Lobby, throughout January

The first Senior Mural was created by the Class of 2011 as a new tradition to honor the new school building. Seniors in the Art Program develop the mural to promote teamwork, decision-making and leadership. Each mural must incorporate the Blue Dragon school mascot, the new MHS building, something of Middletown, the year of graduation, and the names of the student artists. More detailed explanations of this year’s mural and the project in general accompany the mural.

Pierre Sylvain Fantastic Journey: Voodoo, Slavery, Jazz
February 9 – March 31 2018

Nationally recognized artist Pierre Sylvain left Haiti in 1991, settled locally and established a reputation as an artist known as much for his altruism and his work mentoring students as for the vibrant, colorful, expressive art he creates inspired by his island heritage. As a successful artist, his accessibility, community involvement and generosity toward his students have earned him the respect and admiration of many.

The entire community is invited to the opening of this exhibit February 9 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. See our online events calendar for details.