News & Events - Art Displays and Exhibits

Art Exhibit by Students of the Independent Day School

Art work by students of The Independent Day School, Middlefield, Connecticut will be on display in the foyer showcase, during the month of May.  The work will be primarily clay pieces from students in kindergarten through eighth grade completed under the guidance of IDS art teacher Madeline Smith.

The Middletown Garden Club

The Middletown Garden Club is celebrating their 100th anniversary on May 15, 2015!  Beginning May 11, the Garden Club will exhibit panels throughout Russell Library that document the history of the club and highlight various projects and activities through the years. The Garden Club will also display memorabilia and books written by current and past members in the display case beginning June 1; both exhibits will continue through the end of June. The Middletown Garden Club has a long history of working in and around the Russell Library. The Club is currently planning a new garden for the corner of Broad and Court Street, the site of the former beloved flower garden which was lost during last year's renovations to maintain the integrity of the building's structure.

Historic Connecticut Bank & Trust Company

The CBT Alumni Club, the last remaining entity of the original Connecticut Bank & Trust Co., will have their memorabilia and historical items on display for the public.  CBT was the bank that had ATM's called "Barney," some of the first ATM's in the state. Middletown had several Barney machines and CBT branches; the bank had a statewide presence in Connecticut.  CBT had deep roots in Connecticut and can trace it earliest charter to 1766. It grew over the years to over 150 branches state wide. Most branch personnel lived in the community it served and knew their customers by their first names. Loan decisions were handled locally and the Bank had a great community presence, with many of our people volunteering on school boards, local charities, and various other organizations in each of the cities and towns we served.  The original CBT Retirees Club converted into the CBT Alumni Club, which still has 500 members. For more information, contact Paul A. Young, President of the CBT Alumni Club at 860-563-1378.

John Wade Hampton: Photographs

Photographs by the late John Wade Hampton, who was a Middletown resident, will be on exhibit for the month of July on the second floor.  Hampton's first spoken word was "light," which pointed auspiciously to the art form that would capture his heart. He fell in love with photography as a boy when given a vintage box camera by his grandfather. His photographic walkabouts became epic hunts for visual treasure. Whether combing through the nooks and crannies of New York or traversing the contours of the human face, his search for that holy grail of an image, one that would ignite inner awakenings, propelled him forward. He won numerous awards for his photographs including a full tuition scholarship to the School of Visual Arts.  The black and white photos on exhibit were taken in the 1980s. Many have a cinematic quality. Hampton often quoted the phrase "Carpe Diem."  By immortalizing the play of light on even the most fleeting of moments, truly seizing the day, he preserved it for us to savor.
Photographs are on loan from the collection of Linda Hampton Smith, who prepared this exhibit of her brother's work.