News & Events - Art Displays and Exhibits

Metal and Clay: Four Artists
July & August - in the Lobby Case

Featured is work by four ceramic artists, two of whom also work in metal. Members of the Wesleyan Potters Guild, the artists exhibiting are: Marcia Eager, Marcy LaBella, Cheryl Tuttle, and Art Tuttle.

Missing U and Other Abstract Paintings by Catherine Filloramo Thrall 
July & August

Catherine Filloramo Thrall graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art. She has been studying calligraphy with internationally acclaimed artists for the past 35 years. Her work is abstract, primarily on paper using gouache, watercolor, ink and acrylic. She creates paintings, drawings, collage and artists books, often using the strong influence of letter forms. Her featured piece, Missing U, is an abstract alphabet.  
“Balancing formal elements on a foundation of calligraphy my art vocabulary includes line, shape, texture, and color arranged in a wordless journey that evokes visual and emotional memory.” 

Natural Inspiration: Paintings by Ellen Dougan 
July & August

Connecticut born artist Ellen Murphy Dougan grew up in a world of gardens. Her father was an avid gardener. Surrounded by farmland and woods growing up, nature has remained a strong element of the artist's life and work. A resident of Manchester for more than twenty years, Ellen Dougan has taught painting at the Litchfield County Art Association, and for the continuing education programs at both the local high school and community college. 

Middletown High School Mural Project
August & September, in the Lobby

Beginning in 2009, senior class art students have embarked each year on a long term group project: producing a mural for the new school’s corridors that would serve as a legacy to their graduating class. The Class of 2016 mural will be shown in the library’s main lobby through the end of August, when it will be installed permanently at MHS. Also on view will be the recently completed Class of 2014 mural. Both were completed under the guidance of art teacher Patrick Shugrue.

Backyard Bugs: photos by Sandra Bellock Listorti
August & September in the Alcove Gallery and Lobby

The library’s walls will be crawling with the close-up photographs taken by Sandra Bellock Listorti. Everyday, Sandra  takes macrophotographs of insects, showcasing them in her blog, The Bugs in the Backyard ( Her mission is to highlight the beauty of the tiny creatures that share our world, and convince people to look at insects and say, “Ooh!” instead of, “Ew!” Her backyard in Norwich is a Certified Wildlife Habitat. It provides her with endless inspiration and subjects for her camera’s lens. Ms. Listorti enjoys a variety of creative endeavors as a puppeteer, writer and illustrator. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Puppetry from the University of Connecticut, where she studied with Frank W. Ballard.

Community Partners in Action Exhibit
September 7 – October 28

This exhibition of work from the Community Partners in Action (CPA) Prison Arts Program will feature recent drawings, paintings and sculptures by artists incarcerated in Connecticut’s prisons. Community Partners in Action is a nonprofit agency created in 1875, first called the Friends of Prisoners Society and later, the Connecticut Prison Association. The Prison Arts Program was initiated in 1978 as collaboration between the Connecticut Department of Correction and Community Partners in Action. The program operates under the belief that the arts are an integral tool in aiding inmates to develop their self-discipline, self-esteem, work ethic, interpersonal and communication skills and their ability to think critically while they examine their lives and the actions that led to their incarceration. Exhibitions and publications are the culmination of each year’s work organizing and providing arts workshops and projects within the State’s prison system. As well, they provide the general public with a unique window into an important, but often unseen, part of our community.