News & Events - Art Displays and Exhibits

Middletown Summer Hoopfest Exhibit Hoopfest
In the lobby and alcove galleries

In celebration of the upcoming Tenth Annual Middletown Summer Hoopfest, an exhibit of photos from the nine previous years will be decorating the lobby and alcove galleries. The photos, all taken by photographer Tony Donovan, show basketball at its best. Producers Malik Pemberton and Tony Donovan have collected many memories over the years. The outdoor tournament has included players from all over Connecticut. Each year many players return, some older players becoming role models for the younger ones. On May 20th Russell Library and the Middletown Summer Hoopfest will host a reception in the lobby of the library. All are welcome.


World War I Poster Exhibits
May, throughout the library

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War I, Russell Library presents a collection of original posters from the library’s collection.

Food Will Win the War brings together a variety of food conservation posters from the library’s collection featuring images that persuaded, informed, and inspired Americans to eat less, garden more, and preserve the bounty from their gardens to help win the war. The Knowledge Wins exhibition represents a small collection of library posters promoting the work of the Library War Service. 

Independent Day School Exhibit
In the lobby case throughout May

This exhibit from the Independent Day School in Middlefield includes clay pieces from students in kindergarten through eighth grade completed under the guidance of IDS art teacher Madeleine Smith.