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Great Books Foundation Discussions and Shared Inquiry
Great Books discussion groups are forums for adults to discuss significant writings. We come from a variety of backgrounds to discuss important ideas and issues that have shaped civilization. Our discussions are lively, probing and enlightening. We challenge our own and others’ opinions in light of the text we are all reading. The object is not one “right answer” but rather to examine questions raised in the readings, with reasoning informed by our diverse experiences.

We use the “Shared Inquiry” method, a collaborative, question-driven method of learning that helps us read actively, pose evocative questions, and listen and respond effectively. We examine the words and the possible ways to interpret the ideas and issues. To this end, we follow these guidelines:

  • We read the selection before coming to the discussion.
  • We support our opinions by focusing on ideas from the reading.
  • We explore the ideas in the selection before going beyond them.
  • We listen to the opinions of others and respond directly to them.
  • We ask each discussion leader to begin the questions.

Great Conversations 6 brings together selections representing a wide range of genres written over the ages and is intended to generate discussion about discovering the ideas and authors that have shaped our culture and ourselves.  The selections have general themes for discussion:  ways of living, living in community, forms of belief, the power of knowledge, forms of love and the perspective of history.  Questions for discussion and for further reflection accompany each selection.  Also included is a concise biography of each author which provides perspective to the reader on what influences may have molded the author’s work.

Socrates wrote that the unexamined life is not worth living. In these reading-discussions, we will examine many lives.

Join us! Call 860-573-2946 or email Chantal Foster Chantal.foster@comcast.net

For information on the Great Books Foundation:
http://www.greatbooks.org/, email agb@greatbooks.org, or call 800/222-5870.

Tuesdays, 7:00-8:20 PM,
Third Floor Meeting Room

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January 13
On Tranquility of Mind – Seneca

February 10
The New Organon – Francis Bacon

March 10
A Letter Concerning Toleration – John Locke

April 14
Discourse Seven – Joshua Reynolds

May 12
The Lifted Veil – George Eliot

June 9
The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg – Mark Twain

July 14
On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life – Friedrich Nietzsche

August 11 (two selections)
The Devil Baby at Hull House – Jane Addams
The Man Who Could Work Miracles - H. G. Wells

September 8
Mario and the Magician– Thomas Mann

October 13
The Daughters of the Late Colonel – Katherine Mansfield

November 10
My Confession – Mary McCarthy

December 8
Holy Week – Deborah Eisenberg

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