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Each month of 2013 & 2014 brings the Russell Writers a writing challenge to spark their imaginations. Of course, you are always welcome to write on any topic and in any format you choose, but we hope these writing prompts are helpful for those times when you’re not sure where to begin.

The Russell Writers meet on the second Saturday of the month, from 9:30am until noon, in the third floor Meeting Room.  Each participant will have a chance to read his or her work (please bring several copies) and have it gently critiqued by the other members. All writers, from beginners to the experienced, are welcome. Please join us!

For more information, contact Michele Rousseau at 344-8136 or, or call Russell Library’s Programs and Publicity office at 347-2528, ext . 135.

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2013 Schedule

January 12: Write about a matter of conscience.

February 9: Write a piece, either memoir or fiction, in which your major emphasisw ill be on showingy our reader--through words--what the setting looks like. Hint: Remember to put some people, action, emotion, dialogue, etc. in it. Do not just write: "Thew walls were pea-soup green." "The carpet was worn." "The house was weather-beaten"

March 9: Write about betrayal.  Either a betrayal that you did to someone else, or a betrayal that was done to you.

April 13: Craft a story about friendship, or a particular friend, alive or deceased--whom you especially cherish.

May 11: You are visiting a foreign country for the first time and do not know the language.  But when natives of that country speak to you in their language, you are amazed that you understand everything that is being said to you.  Are you losing your mind?  Are the native peoples playing a trick on you? Are you imagining it?  Try to come to an explanation other than that you are dreaming.

June 8: Relate to your readers about an instance, either actual or imagined, of: 1) the subject of rejection; 2) having been rejected; 3) or having rejected someone, something, or some opportunity.

July 13: Create a story about the subject of silence.

August 10: Look back at your life and assess what you see: 1) Your achievements. 2) Your failures. 3) Your disappointments. 4) Your joys. 5) Your sorrows. 6) Your satisfactions. 7) Your accomplishments. 8) Your regrets. 9) Your plans, or hopes, or desires.

September 14, You are having an appointment with your physician and receive some life-altering news. 1) What does your doctor tell you? 2) How do you react to the news? 3) How do you feel? 4) Include any dialogue that passes between the two of you. 5) When you leave the doctor's office, where do you go and what do you do? 6) Do you tell anyone about the life-altering news?  If so, who and why?

October 12: Use only dialogue, or both dialogue and narrative in writing about the following situation.  For many years, you have always led what you consider to be a normal, ordinary life, when you suddenly discover that you have a special skill or ability.  You disclose this information only to your closest friend.  Develop this concept into a story, truth or fictional.

November 9: Craft a story about what you think is the strongest force in the universe.  Recount how it has affected you or someone very dear to you.

December 14: Use narrative, or dialogue, or both to tell your readers about the most difficult, but wisest, decision you have made up to this point in your life.

2014 Schedule

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January 11
Write a piece where your character's bad manners (or good manners!) cause embarrassment to him/herself or to others.

February 8
You wake up to see a (dragon, dinosaur, alien, etc.) outside of your bedroom window. Write a short story about it.

March 8
If you were to create a reality TV series based on something you experienced in your life, what would it be?

April 12
Describe your favorite season (spring, summer, fall, or winter) and convince the reader that your favorite season is the best.

May 10
What is the best thing parents can do to or for their children?

June 14
Remember the last time you experienced a thunderstorm. What were the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings during the storm?

July 12
Write about a song and the memory (or memories) you associate with it. 

August 9
If you could spend an afternoon with one member of your extended family, who would it be? Explain why you chose this person and what you do together.

September 13
Describe your favorite place to live. It could be a real home from your past, present or future. Or, write about an imaginary fantasy home that you wish existed.

October 11
Think about a place where people gather: the mall, a fairground, school, a place of worship, etc. How does it look, sound, smell, and feel to be there? 

November 8
If you had a superpower, what would it be and why? Would you use it for good or evil?

December 13
Write about something new you learned within the past year, or write about something you plan on learning within the upcoming year.

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