News & Events - Shenker Contest Winners

2009: The Funniest Thing That Ever Happened To Me!

Student Name School

Grade 1

First Place    Johanna Dapkus Roadside Academy
Second Place Tie    Donald Blanchardon Roadside Academy
   Nicole Bredefeld Farm Hill

Grade 2

First Place    Irene Soteriou Lawrence
Second Place    Caroline Kilian Roadside Academy
Third Place    Oliver Printy St. Mary’s

Grade 3

First Place    Hayley Tomasino Snow
Second Place    Jack Bergantino Roadside Academy
Third Place    Hannah Spada Snow
Honorable Mention    Rishika Maitra Lawrence
Honorable Mention    Jason Morales Snow

Grade 4

First Place    Jennifer Barbour Spencer
Second Place    Taylor Bushnell Moody
Honorable Mention    Bailey Cote Snow
Honorable Mention    Morgan Whalen Farm Hill
First Place Poem    Elizabeth Hunt Moody

Grade 5

First Place    Jaime Wojtusik St. John’s
Second Place    Olivia Harris Roadside Academy
Third Place    April Bendzinski Roadside Academy
Honorable Mention    Toni Chadwell Beilefield
Honorable Mention    Valerie Fialkoff Roadside Academy
Honorable Mention    Kara Greatsinger Roadside Academy
Honorable Mention    Alaysia Jayne Turner Bielefield

Grade 6

First Place    Christina Brown Keigwin
Second Place    Michelle Greensted Roadside Academy
Third Place    Jaylyn Outlaw Keigwin

Grade 7

First Place    Tushar Gaddi Woodrow Wilson Middle
Second Place    Kaushik Reddy Woodrow Wilson Middle
Third Place    Brandon MacPherson St. Sebastian’s
Honorable Mention    Gabriel Dabrowski St. Sebastian’s
Honorable Mention    Anthony Faraci St. Sebastian’s
Honorable Mention    Meghan Hutton St. Sebastian’s
Honorable Mention    Laura Leviste St. Sebastian’s
Honorable Mention    Salvatore Nesci St. Sebastian’s

Grade 8

First Place    Mary Tran St. Sebastian’s
Second Place    Siena Biales Thomas Edison Middle
Third Place    Christina D’Amico St. Sebastian’s
Honorable Mention    Cameron Harrison St. Sebastian’s
Honorable Mention    Kaitlyn Magnano St. Sebastian’s
Honorable Mention    Chris Skomro St. Sebastian’s