Russell Literary Groups

The Russell Writers are in Session

Beginning January 1st, area writers can log in at to join The Russell Writers Online Forum where they can post their writings for critique, read the work of fellow members, and network with other aspiring and established writers. All adult writers are encouraged to join, from the reluctant beginner to the seasoned professional.
The Russell Writers was originally founded in 1998 by Arthur Meyers, Director of the Russell Library and the monthly meetings were led by Patricia I. Terrill Francis until 2014.

We have now decided that participation by group members would be more consistent if the group met online.  So now members no longer have to worry about commitments clashing with meeting times or commuting during inclement weather.  
In fact, there will be no specific meeting time.  Members simply log in to the forum at their own convenience any time of day or night. 

For more information, contact Michele Rousseau, moderator of the online forum, at 860-344-8136 or, or call Russell Library's Programs and Publicity office at 860-347-2528 ext. 135. Or, simply sign up at

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