Wireless Internet

  • Free wireless Internet for patrons in the building
  • While at the library connect via our homepage:
  • No passwork, not a secure network

Mobile PrintingMoblie Printing

  • Can be used for laptops, tablets, phones and your home computer
  • Go to: or click on the Mobile Printing Available Image to begin printing.
  • Get the PrinterOn app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Pick-up by end of day
  • Black and white $0.10 per page
  • Color $0.50 per page

Email Address Option

  • You can print emails and attachments to the Library printer directly from your email account using any device that has access to your email
  • The Black and White and Color printers at the Library each have their own e-mail address.
  • Log into your email account and locate the email and/or attachment that you wish to print
  • To print the message and attachment, forward or send an email to the desired address below:

Select Printer

Email Address to Forward To

Black and White Printer

Color Printer