Tech Tips – Privacy and Security

Fine Tune Browser Privacy Settings

Learn how to customize your favorite browser settings for a more secure internet experience. The Verge takes you step by step to make sure you’re covered.

Ranking Internet Browsers by Security

Find out where your favorite browser ranks in terms of privacy. Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and others were assessed by the way they retain and share user data.

Connect Safely

Regular updates about how to use the Internet safely, presented by a Silicon Valley non-profit group.

Most Commonly Used Passwords of 2019

Double check to make sure that your passwords aren’t on this list! For extra security while staying home, consider adding some variety on your own or by using a password manager. Many have free versions to try out.

Recommended Password Managers

Interested in getting a password manager? Start here with CNET’s reviews of subscription and free options. 

How Secure Is My Password?

Online test that estimates the strength of your passwords. A fun way to learn how strong your online credentials are!

Do I need a VPN at Home?

Virtual Private Networks aren’t just for large organizations. They promise additional security, but do you need one? explains what VPNs do (and don’t do).

Best VPN Services for 2020

This introduction to VPN subscriptions outlines their main features. CNET compares price points, encryption levels, and jurisdictions for well known VPN providers.

Delete Accounts You Don't Use

Take the time to close old accounts, to keep old passwords and personal information from getting hacked.

 Tech Tips – Learn Something New

Digital Literacy Assessment

Assess your comfort on a variety of topics, including computer hardware, software, and basic searching.

Universal Class

Lifelong learning courses in over 30 subject areas, many of which offer continuing education units (CEUs). More than 500 courses are available. (Russell Library card required.)


Over 100 free courses on every-day technology tasks, including online shopping, participating in social media, and troubleshooting internet connectivity.



Free, self-paced courses on technology topics ranging from core IT skills to game development. Certificates available for professional development courses.


Coursera offers university level courses on a self-paced schedule. Take a short track of professional development classes, or pursue a professional certification. Courses include recorded video lectures, community discussion forums and both graded and peer-reviewed coursework.

Reply All

The funniest technology podcast in production. Hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman do a deep dive into tech questions, explain social media posts, and explore the ways we communicate online.



Free and paid courses taught by professionals from around the world. Courses are available in over 50 different languages.

 Tech Tips – Upgrades and Updates

How to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Network

No IT degree required!

Watch Movies with Friends Online

Netflix settings and third party services to help you binge watch your favorite movies with friends. Popcorn not included.