Curbside Pickup

Quick  • Easy • Convenient • Safe

Monday-Thursday, 9am-8pm
Friday & Saturday, 9am-5pm
Sunday, 1pm-5pm (October-March)

1. Decide What you Want

Browse our online catalog

If you need assistance, call us at (860) 347-2528.

Available during all open hours.


2. Request Your Materials

Log in to your account on our online catalog and put your items on hold.


(Please note: We have discontinued the separate website request form.)

3. Schedule Pickup

When your materials are ready, you will receive an email notification.
Once you receive an email, please call us to schedule a pickup.

(860) 347-2528.

4. Pickup Your items

Arrive at your scheduled pickup time and park in front of the main entrance. Your materials will be in a paper bag on the pickup table. If you have any items to return, please return them in the book drop.