Meeting Rooms & Quiet Study Areas

Reservations may be made up to 60 days in advance. Room use is limited to regular library hours. All events must end 15 minutes before the library closes.

In fairness to the many groups in the community, the library will not accept reservations for a series of meetings which would designate the library as the regular meeting place for any organization or group.

No admission fee may be charged for any event. No collection may be taken, no funds solicited, no materials sold nor any direct sales made except in conjunction with library-sponsored programs. Names of attendees may not be solicited.

Library-sponsored programs are given first priority followed by Middletown non-profit organizations and civic groups. The Director has full authority to grant, refuse or revoke permission, or to set conditions on use of meeting spaces.

Meeting Rooms

Capacity: 2-20 people

Due to high demand for meeting rooms, the library is unable to guarantee the same day and time for each reservation. There is a limit of one reservation per day per group. Meeting Rooms are NOT available for single-person use.

More information below.

The Pod

Capacity: 1-2 people

The Pod is great for making a recording, watching a webinar, a two-person meeting, tutoring, or studying. It is located in the Teen Room.

You can reserve the Pod for up to two hours. Make in-person bookings at the main desk or call 860-347-2528 for more info.

Digital Lab Corner

Capacity: 1-2 people

This is a semi-private table in a partitioned section of the Digital Lab. Perfect for quiet work. An outlet is availble.

You can reserve the Corner for up to two hours. Please call 860-347-2528 for more info or make an in-person booking at the Info Desk on the second floor.

Hubbard Room

Capacity: 20-80 people

The Hubbard Room is available via online registration only.

Priority is given to Library-sponsored programs followed by Middletown non-profit organizations and civic groups.

Hubbard Room Russell Library

Meeting Rooms

How to Reserve a Meeting Room


  • Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance for Meeting Room 2 or Meeting Room 3, limited to three (3) bookings.
  • There is a limit of one reservation per day per group.
  • Reservations will be held for fifteen (15) minutes. After that, the room may be made available to walk-in requests.
  • Groups may reserve up to two (2) hours in a meeting room by contacting the Information Services Desk in person or by phone at 860-347-2520.

Available Equipment


  • Tables and chairs (you may move them into your preferred set-up)
  • White boards (You must supply your own white board markers and eraser.)
  • Flat screen with laptop hook-up. Individuals who want to use their laptop with the flat screen MUST SCHEDULE an A/V appointment at least two weeks before their meeting date by calling the library at 860-347-2520.



  • Meeting Room 2 and Meeting Room 3 are available for groups of  2-20 people. Reservations are required.
  • No admission fee may be charged for any event held in library meeting spaces.
  • Food and drink are allowed but must stay in the meeting room. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.
  • All events must end 15 minutes before the library closes.


Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours in advance or as soon as possible by calling the Information Desk at 860-347-2520.

The library may cancel a reservation by a non-library organization or individual if a room is needed for library purposes. In the event of conflicting reservations, the Library will make every effort to offer an alternate location, date, or time as soon as we are aware of the problem.

Drop-in Spaces

Russell Library Reading Room

This is the main room near the fiction stacks. It has four large tables with multiple chairs.

Teen Area

For ages 12-18, the newly designed Teen Area has study tables that convert to gaming tables!

Quiet Study Area

On the second floor, this study has individual desks, lamps, and outlets for plugging in a laptop.

Public Meeting Space Policy

Please Note: Russell Library staff are not available to run equipment or assist with non-library events.

The name and address of the library may not be used as the address of any group using the meeting rooms. Groups should not publicize their events in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship.

Those hosting meetings and events at Russell Library and their guests implicitly agree to abide by all policies and regulations related to the use of library facilities, including Russell Library’s Code of Conduct, and accept responsibility for any and all damages to the library building, contents, and equipment (normal wear and tear excepted).

Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed in meeting spaces. The person who made the meeting space reservation is responsible for all clean-up and for leaving the space in a neat and orderly condition.

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