Printing and Computer Services


Printers, a copier, fax machine, and scanners are available for public use on the second floor of the library.

  • Black and white prints from a computer – $0.10/page
  • Photocopier: Black and white- $0.15/page
  • Color prints  – $0.50/page
  • Public Fax (860-347-1374)  – $1.00/page
  • #10 Envelope – $0.10 each

Wireless Printing

Print documents, photos, web pages from mobile devices. Simply download PrinterOn, a free app for phones and tablets and then follow the instructions.

Free Android App from Google Play

Free ios App from iTunes

Print Now! Click below to begin.

Printing from Email

  • You can print emails and attachments to the Library printer directly from your email account using any device that has access to your email.
  • The Black and White and Color printers at the Library each have their own e-mail address:

Black & White Printer:
Color Printer:

  • Log into your email account and locate the email and/or attachment that you wish to print
  • To print the message and attachment, forward or send an email to one of the email addresses listed above.
  • Black & White $0.10 per page
  • Color $0.50 per page

Did You Know...

We have

  • Headphone/Earbuds – $1.00 each
  • 2 GB Flash Drive – $4.00
  • 22 General use computers – 1 hour sessions to start
  • 3 Computer with Scanners – 1/2 hour sessions to start
  • 1 Express computer – 15 minutes to start
  • 4 Career Center computers – 2.5 hour sessions to start